Welcome to Criminon!

Criminon – meaning without crime – is an international non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to criminal rehabilitation, reform and restoring the criminal’s self-respect through effective drug, education, and common sense programs.

Criminon Volunteers

By having individuals become responsible for their actions, our products are people who become ethical and productive members of their communities. Criminon utilizes the research discoveries made by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

Criminon New Life DC, Inc., operating in Washington DC, provides services inside the DC Jail facilities as well as for returned citizens working to re-enter their communities. In DC Jail, Criminon delivers services weekly.


The purpose of Criminon New Life DC

To Assist justice-involved individuals to:

  • Stop the ever-increasing rate of incarceration by breaking the cycle of inmate recidivism
  • Restore to each imprisoned human being a sense of Self-Respect, Dignity, Trustworthiness, and Honor
  • Obtain a higher level of survival with new abilities and skills to live life better and fuller
  • Become happier, more successful, ethical and productive citizens
  • Arrive at a point where they have real, valuable choices and options, and can choose again in life
  • Learn how to not be viewed or considered as a danger or risk or threat by their love ones, friends, work associates, or neighbors in their community
  • Create a healthier, more productive society, composed of responsible individuals and stronger families