About Us

Criminon DC started its first programs at the now-closed Lorton, Virginia facility in the 1990’s. We have been delivering services in the DC Jail and Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF)  since 2006.

We currently deliver weekly programs for the general population and for the entry inmates in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) program in DC Jail. Our courses include “The Way to Happiness”, “Drug Education”, “Learning How to Learn”, and “Recognizing and Overcoming Anti-Social Behavior”.

Matt Robinson, Criminon DC Executive Director, teaching a class at DC Jail.

The purpose of Criminon New Life DC is to assist inmates to:

  • Stop the ever-increasing rate of incarceration by breaking the cycle of inmate recidivism
  • Restore to each imprisoned human being a sense of Self-Respect, Dignity, Trustworthiness, and Honor
  • Obtain a higher level of survival with new abilities and skills to live life better and fuller
  • Become happier, more successful, ethical and productive citizens
  • Arrive at a point where they have real, valuable choices and options, and can choose again in life
  • Learn how to not be viewed as or considered a danger, risk or threat by their love ones, friends, work associates, or neighbors in their community
  • Develop the sense and responsibility of being part of society

If you would like to participate and contribute as a Criminon volunteer, either inside or outside of DC Jail, the simple process of becoming a volunteer includes:

  1. Be a US Citizen and complete a two page application from the DC Dept of Corrections
  2. A free background check for the last 3 years by DC Dept of Corrections
  3. A free urinalysis test for illegal drugs
  4. Short trainings by both the DC Dept of Corrections and Criminon New Life DC, Inc.

If you are interested in learning more about our local DC Criminon program, or in supporting the program via a donation, or would like to participate as a volunteer with us inside or outside of the DC Jail, please contact:

Matt Robinson, Executive Director, Criminon New Life DC, Home Office: 301-989-9154, Email: criminondc @ verizon.net