The Criminon Program

Criminon’s programs address Drug Education and Rehabilitation, Character Building, Ethical Behavior, Literacy, Education and Life and Thinking Skills including Anger Management, Communication, and Parenting Skills. Our services are not just limited to those in prison, but are also effective in crime prevention and lowering recidivism.

One factor that is an essential feature of Criminon courses is they all contain practical drills and exercises. To give a better idea of the subjects covered, here is a list of the courses offered by the full Criminon program:

  • The Way to Happiness
  • Communication Skills
  • Learning Skills for Life
  • Successful Parenting Skills
  • Understanding & Overcoming


  • How to Deal with Ups and Downs in Life
  • Personal Integrity Course
  • Improving Conditions in Life
  • Literacy
  • Drug Rehabilitation